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wilkes wings trophy with sauces

The concept of Wilkes Wings Sauces happened in 2010 when Richard Wilkes created the sauces in his kitchen.  Bored with the same sauce flavors found at restaurants and supermarkets, Richard experimented with different ingredients to complement his chicken wings.  His family and friends were impressed with the newly created sauces, so much so that they encouraged Richard to sell them.

Not convinced that his sauces were ready to market, Richard along with his wife (Bethany) and family tested them at various hot wing festivals.  In his very first competition, Richard won 3rd Place among 45 contestants at the 2013 Annual Memphis Hot Wing Festival.  Richard was inspired by the overwhelming positive feedback the sauces received at the festivals.  He was particularly inspired by one gentleman who requested, “Give me some sauce with no chicken on it!”  At that moment Richard was convinced Wilkes Wings Sauces had potential.

"Give me some sauce with no chicken on it"

In August 2013, Wilkes Wings Sauces officially became available to the public.  Wilkes Wing Sauces gained immediate momentum in the marketplace with sales in the retail, food service and ecommerce channels.  Richard continued to enter Wilkes Wings Sauces in various competitions, winning 2nd Place in the 2015 Annual Memphis Hot Wing Festival.

Today Richard and Bethany are focused on growing the Wilkes Wings brand within major grocery stores and restaurants. 

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