Sweet Heat

P1010145Wilkes Wings Sweet Heat is an awesome Buffalo wing sauce that features an initial hint of sweetness followed by a delayed rush of heat and a burst of savory herbs and spices. Sweet Heat possesses a unique color and aroma that transcend your typical Buffalo wing sauce. It also has an ideal consistency that is good for coating all Buffalo style wings. From traditional wings to boneless, whether fried, grilled, or baked, Sweet Heat will add a delectable punch to your choice of wing.

Sweet Heat also gives you the versatility to use it on other foods. It is an excellent option for BBQ ribs and BBQ pulled pork (or chicken). It gives meatloaf and burgers a little pizzaz as well.

If you are looking for a hot Buffalo wing sauce that has unmatched flavor and provides the versatility to be used on your other favorite foods, then Wilkes Wings Sweet Heat is definitely the sauce for you!



Lemon Butter Pepper

P1010156bWilkes Wings Lemon Butter Pepper is a uniquely crafted Buffalo wing sauce that features the perfect combination of a buttery sweet tartness, accented with freshly cracked black pepper. This sauce will stimulate every inch of your taste buds with extreme, yet complementary, flavored ingredients.

Lemon Butter Pepper has a vibrant yellow color because it is made with real lemon juice. In addition to its superb taste, Lemon Butter Pepper has a smooth texture and fresh aroma that is great on poultry as well as fish and seafood.

If you enjoy the yin yang of sweet & tart flavors, then Lemon Butter Pepper was created especially for you!




Whiskey Sauce

P1010151Wilkes Wings Whiskey Sauce is simply "top-shelf" among other Buffalo wing sauces. This premium sauce showcases the bold strength of a masterfully aged bourbon with the regal appeal of royalty.

If you like your Buffalo wings to be daring, then Wilkes Whiskey Sauce is for you!

Please handle with care.