Image of chicken wings


Are you tired of the same boring sauces for your Buffalo wings?  Well stimulate your taste buds with the award winning Buffalo wing sauces created by Wilkes Wings! At Wilkes Wings we push the envelope when it comes to bizarre flavors without jeopardizing the integrity of the traditional Buffalo wing.  So, whether you are a Buffalo wing aficionado or a novice, Wilkes Wings sauces will exceed your taste buds' expectations.

The sauce flavors at Wilkes Wings were developed in the Buffalo Wing capital of the South - Memphis, TN - by the self-proclaimed Buffalo wing connoisseur and former restauranteur, Richard Wilkes. Bored with the same, mundane sauces offered at restaurants (hot, BBQ, honey gold, teriyaki), Richard decided to create new sauces that would enhance the common Buffalo wing flavors while introducing unique sauces that you cannot find at your local Buffalo wing restaurant.

All of Wilkes Wings sauces are made with premium ingredients for supreme taste:
  • Our Sweet Heat Sauce is made with premium spices.
  • Our Lemon Butter Pepper Sauce is made with real lemon juice.
  • Our Whiskey Wing Sauce is made with premium distilled whiskey.
No longer do you have to settle for Buffalo wings that are merely sprinkled with flavored seasoning. With Wilkes Wings sauces, you can coat your Buffalo wings with a quality sauce that's bursting with flavor.
So, whether you are preparing Buffalo wings for the big game, or as hors d'eouvres for a party, or simply as an afternoon snack, don't forget your Wilkes Wings sauce. Your Buffalo wings will never be the same.